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    Peak Rotary Vise (prv g2 ) Small Buck Tail TAAR WADERS
    Peak Rotary Vise (prv g2 )Small Buck Tail TAAR WADERS

    This is the vise that started it all, the PEAK Rotary Vise. Designed for optimal tying efficiency and ease of adjustment and set-up. Materials (including Stainless Steel, Brass, Tool Steel, and Aircraft Aluminum) are chosen to last a lifetime of...

    Small Bucktail or several pieces of bucktail.

    average length is 4-6 inches.

    hair is about 3" long

    A Veteran owned and operated company. put out a new line of waders . These WADERS have a 4 pocket design with a zipper front chest. They have a double reinforced legs with 5mm neoprene stocking foot. A gravel guard with metal boot lace hooks...




    THE TACKY ORIGINAL FLY BOX Blue Gill Assortment Pack Flymen Fish Mask
    THE TACKY ORIGINAL FLY BOXBlue Gill Assortment PackFlymen Fish Mask

    WHAT’S THE TACKY FLY BOX ALL ABOUT Light, sleek, yet extremely durable polycarbonate box Clear lid for visible access to flies Off-set slit design comfortably holds 168 flies Latch-less magnetic closure system Long lasting strength...

    This assortment is perfect for the catching those bluegill and small bass. It comes with a small box that hold the flies and can be put in a shirt pocket. There is a variety of flies,from topwater gurglers to wet type spider flyThe Flymen Fish Masks are perfect for those baitfish patterns. They come in an array of sizes. They give your fly the perfect finished look. Pair these with the Living eyes by flymen and your fly will look awesome. The size of the masks match the MM size of the eyes.




    Letera's Luminous Dubbing Dispenser Leteras magic dubbing dispenser Tacky Steelheaders Box
    Letera's Luminous Dubbing DispenserLeteras magic dubbing dispenserTacky Steelheaders Box

    Letera does it again.

    He has put a selection of his luminous dubbing in a dispenser for your convenience.


    You can now get Letera's magic dub in a dispencer with 12 colors. This is the perfect option for the general fly tier. You will have a GREAT selection of colors for your tying needs.

    A Tacky fly box. Either a day or an original box with steelhead flies. the boxes can have all or a portion of the following flies. -Crystal egg sucking leech -Ice egg sucking leech -Purple steeltuka -Purple Flame egg sucking leech -White zonker...